Thursday, October 3, 2013

Featherstone castle Northumberland

During out first week of study we went an a short trip to Featherstone castle in Northumberland. The purpose of the trip was to use various kit as well as get to know the people on our course and develop working relationships with peers and tutors. The castle was rich with history and ghost stories making it a unique experience. During the three days we completed various mini briefs and workshops that helped me to progress in both film and digital photography on a degree level. Also one of the smaller tasks was to create a camera obscura using black paper to block out the light and cut a small 5 cm hole. The effect produced was the scenery outside being projected flipped and upside down in our room. Our task was to photograph this using a long exposure of around 30 seconds. We then presented these images the following day along with our own images from the specific brief given to us where we had to capture images that were eerie, unpleasant and spooky reflecting the history of the castle focusing on a ghosting technique using flash guns, tripods and long exposure. The trip was eventful as well as helpful. Developing friendships as well as basic skills, below is two images that I took from the trip.  

Camera obscura

Ghosting effect (flash gun)

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