Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gallery Vists

Leeds Gallery 
15 Yorkshire Photographers

Brian Lackman
Panasonic Lumix 6f1
Brian began as a fine artist developing his skills through completing a degree. He then became interested in photography after the practices overlapped whilst completing projects. The work that he was presenting in the Leeds gallery was looking into the genre of urban exploration or commonly known as Urbex. The work consisted of images of derelict buildings mainly focusing on walls with deteriorating wallpaper or bare pipework, he explained that he took three areas into consideration whilst taking the images, the framing of the photograph, the texture and the bleached out colours that are typical of this neich genre of photography that is mainly based around location. As Brian was there he explained how he got the images to the size they were whilst till retaining the high quality and sharpness of the image preventing distortion, he revealed he took up to 40 images and stitches them together to create a photograph that can be enlarged to a large size.
White cloth Gallery
Tom Stoddart
Shot on black and white film
Tom is a photojournalist that has travelled over 50 countries developing his portfolio of stunning and influential images of major events producing image after image that convey meaning. The images had a personal feel to them, the subjects he photographed didn't seem to note Tom. Some of his images pushed the boundaries, much like some of Don Mcculin's work in Africa and Vietnam. The images were shocking but the truth and at the time what people wanted to see. As the thrust for knowledge on events that weren't as accessible for the general public.

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