Thursday, February 27, 2014

Online Portfolio - 500px

Online Portfolio 

In recent months I have taken to uploading some of my images to 500px, in doing this I have began creating an online portfolio that has followers and good viewership. As well as a tool to get my work viewed it helps me to test opinion on some of my work and ideas before I proceed with whichever project. After recent briefs and crit's I understand the importance of insuring that you have an online presence, it may not be so important for the big names such as Martin Parr but if your like me an unknown photography student this is the best way to get you on your way. The website is also great for research and seeing what is trending in he photography world and what is popular amongst the community. The ultimate aim is to get on the popular page, you achieve this by likes, favourites and comments as well as a large amount of views on the image. I am proud to say I have had half a dozen images on the popular page.

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