Thursday, May 15, 2014

Adjective view mini-brief

The one day brief had the group shouting out adjectives and creating a list that we selected from and then captured an image for each word and then creating a zine with all the images in. The way I approached this brief was to go out and just enjoy taking good images without restrictions and constraints to any genre or any of the words. I then after all the images were taken put the words to the images to answer the brief and create the zine. My final work was presented in powerpoint form not on the website that was recommended.

I was really happy with the work that I produced in a short space of time, I seem to work more efficiently under pressure and produce the work that is needed, after shooting it was a case of a small amount of editing adjusting the levels and converting them from raw to jpeg. I have really enjoyed Maria's mini-briefs, it piles on immediate pressure but relieves you of the long term pressure of producing work files and slide after slide of research.

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