Sunday, May 18, 2014


Thijs Wassink came in to talk about his books and his journey though university and how his likes and wants in life changed to being a photographer and showing the world his works along with his friend and partner Reuben Lundgren. The work that they produced was rather impressive from books to images to the creative ideas that drive there work. One of my problems is coming up with ideas and i find myself saying why didn't I think of that more often than not. But it seems that ideas don't just happen but it happens you go out and shoot images and build of an image and begin to shape an idea. 

The talk was very informative as around the time of the talk we were all creating our own book, he gave us all advice on creating books and what the possibility and purpose of photo books are. Overall he was an inspiration, he came from an alternative degree and just liked photography and turned that like into a degree. I'm sure the whole year can relate to this, i defiantly can. My aim is to turn a love into a living.

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