Sunday, May 18, 2014

Converting my Brownie model D

I found the Brownie in a charity shop for £10 and couldn't resist, I knew the model only takes 620 film which is extremely hard to get hold of. But there is a way to convert it to shoot 35mm film. After asking Sam the technician i understood how. I took a 120 spool and snapped it in half and began to file down so that the 35mm would fit then it was just loading and closing. I choose to load colour film that was over 10 years out of date and successfully shot the film but still haven't developed the film.

The images that i were capturing were of around Leeds, however i were limited as the button to open and close the shutter was rather clunky so the camera had to be placed on a hard surface and force placed on the top to insure that they were no movement during the shutter movement. But this all added to the experience of using a camera that is over 50 years old, great fun and loved the challenge.

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