Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fruit & Veg brief

This brief was simple enough, our requirements were 5 digital prints that included fruit and veg. This open brief left me scared if i'm honest. Its nice to have an open brief but thinking of an exciting idea is not my strongpoint. I left it for a few weeks thinking of ideas in the background and it got to the point where i just started shooting. My first veg was iceberg lettuce, this is where my idea came from. Be literal iceberg lettuce, after the test shoot i wanted to freeze the lettuce in the ice to create iceberg lettuce. This had me thinking of other ideas. My final five were, iceberg lettuce, button mushrooms, spring onion, butternut squash and runner beans. This brief had me scared but by the end of the brief i found I really enjoyed it, possibly because I was really happy with the outcome to the point I feel I want to show it on here.

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