Thursday, May 15, 2014

Size matters collaboration with Liam Bailey (graphic designer)

For this Liam needed some images for a brief he was completed, the idea was based around the borders and only capturing sections of his body at a time, I just set up a simple setup, two lights on the background with reflective umbrella's to evenly spread the light on the background and two lights facing his face and body. He was impressed and in the end used my images as part of his brief. The images showed of his quirky, sarcastic look to life which matched his idea. 

It was great to work with someone outside of the photography degree, they give you a alternative perspective on your images as well as the process of taking the images during the shoot, I am not ashamed to say that he gave me some great ideas when capturing the images aiding me in creating the images. The shoot was short notice, he asked me and I happened to have a slot booked that i didn't need so I squeezed him in and did it over about 90 minutes of shooting. I gave him the images to edit but kept of few of the images as evidence of the shoot.

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